Crucible Tool Steel and Specialty Alloy Selector

This archival publication was the last electronic version of the Crucible Tool Steel & Specialty Alloy Selector published by Crucible Materials Corporation. While some of these alloys are still produced by Crucible Industries, many of them are no longer in production at our Solvay, NY mill. The purpose of keeping this complete version of the Tool Steel Selector on our website is to allow public access to the large amount of information contained herein.

For the most current technical data for our CPM alloys, please access the datasheet section of our website.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications shown in the Crucible Tool Steel Selector are typical. Specific applications should not be undertaken without additional evaluation for suitability. Properties shown are typical, and normal variations in chemistry, size, and heat treatment may cause deviations from published values.

For information on the availability of any of the alloys listed in the Selector, please direct your inquiry to the Crucible Sales Team by clicking on the Sales tab on our website. Please be aware that in cases where we do not routinely produce the grade, heat lot quantities will apply.